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Free Trial Lesson

Have you ever wondered if your child is ready for music lessons? Why not have them try a FREE ASSESSMENT CLASS! This class is conducted at our studio and is designed to determine your child's ear for music, eye-hand coordination, rhythmic capabilities, and general interest in music. The assessment takes 15-20 minutes and is fun, interesting and educational for children and parents.

This community service is available FREE OF CHARGE to any one of any age who is interested in music lessons.


Because parents want to know that their child is excited about music and what potential their child has to succeed in lessons. This is the best way to find out BEFORE starting lessons or purchasing an instrument. If you decide that this is the right program for your family you can take advantage of our try it before you buy it rental or lease program and have a starter instrument in your home for up to ten weeks while they do a trial course! If you are an adult who wants to give it a try, call us! You are welcome to try it for free too!

The trial lesson is conducted in four sections and is modified to obtain age appropriate responses:

  1. Coordination: the student will be asked to demonstrate finger dexterity, and individuality, each hand separately and then hands together. They even get to play a short song on the keyboard!

  2. Ear: the student is asked to differentiate between higher/lower notes, and/or say whether a melody is moving up or down in pitch. Find out if you got the right answers!

  3. Interest: this will determine how a student would respond in a lesson type of environment; What attention span do they have? How much focus and concentration do they apply? What type of feedback are we getting? Which course of study is best for their current abilities? Which teacher to recommend for their learning style and age? What instruments could they be successful playing?

  4. Rhythm: the student is asked to clap and count a rhythm after they hear it. Were they able to keep a steady beat? Were they able to remember the whole pattern? Were the parents? Did the song on the keyboard sound like a song?